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About Us

All-Wood Flooring, LLC is a family owned and operated Home Improvement Company started over 25 years ago. Prior to that, the founder of the Company, Michael Grimaldi owned and operated a Home Construction Company called "AppleTree Construction" and a specialized flooring Company called New England Peg and Plank Flooring.
 As a Child  at age 9, his son, Kristian Grimaldi showed a strong desire and interest to follow in his fathers footsteps and started to accompany his father on job sites watching, participating and learning the master carpentry skills of his father. All through his highschool and college years Kristian supervised and did many of the flooring and stair jobs that were contracted, all demonstrating unprecedented quality. In addition, Kristian was taught wood turning from the CT Wood Turners Guild's Master Turners such as the late Gilbert Hite. These skills were in turn learned by his father. Together Kristian and Michael have installed, and refinished over 3,000 beautiful hardwood floors and over 900 custom stairs along with many other projects such as additions, post and beam structures, custom cabinetry, hundreds of tile floors,  eight complete custom homes as well as highly sought after and collectible signed and numbered exotic jewelry boxes and wooden bowls and vases. In addition Michael Grimaldi is a gem and stone cutter and a gold and silversmith. He has incorporated both in his woodworking craft and his other related artwork. Both Kristan and Michael have worked for people of all walks of life from Moms and Dads to Doctors , lawyers and judges to famous actors and actress and rockstars. Yet their prices never change no matter who they work for. They are fair and equal to all and always strive to give their best. Their pride is what fuels their energy each day and their true payment and reward in the end! What better way to show a persons true character said for what his mind eye sees and what becomes from his hands and heart! His creativity! They are also NOFMA members. Michael Grimaldi has also articles written about his flooring skills and expertise in Architectural Digest. Many other flooring establishments located in and around Connecticut  learned  the craft from Michael Grimaldi through apprentice programs he developed and taught. Overall 15 companies sprang out from individuals who worked for All-Wood Flooring over the years!
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