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Lets Get Prepared!

Getting Prepared

What to Expect

The Free Estimate:
It all starts with your need to hire the best craftsman with the proper credentials and a fair price ! Lets not forget the
Free extras, such as a five year unlimited warranty on all our work, a Dustless Vortex System and over 35 years of real experience! Best of all  the owners of the company supervise and do the work onsite ! Call 860-498-1060 or email to request a Free Estimate.

There is  one  very important reason why people hire us over the other companies:
The simple fact,  All-Wood flooring has worked on  hundreds of floors over 300 years old dating back to 1703 and  today they look as good as new.  This  was made possible because the wood was installed properly and the environmental conditions were mostly controlled. Not by modern means but by adequate air and moisture control in the design and installation of the floor by the original True craftsman that installed it.  More importantly because it was handed off once again to the True Craftsman at All-Wood Flooring.  At All-Wood Flooring we stay true to the craft and install our floors so they will last a lifetime. We don't just send anyone out who can swing a hammer. You get a Master Craftsmen!  You get the security and  insurance that your investment will be done right, once and last a lifetime and this is also true for our brand new floors and everything in between very old and new.
We have a transferable  lifetime warranty available and can offer this only because we are certian our work will last and last, because we know it is installed and finished properly. Not rushed. But installed with everything taken in to account to eliminate the risk of failure. This is our craft. This is who we are and what we do. Why would you look any further? So let's start with the estimate and finish with a smile, a smile that will last and last because you are certain you made the right choice hiring the master craftsmen of All-Wood Flooring, LLC
"Compare your home to a ship that has to stay afloat in both calm and rough seas. Who would you want to build  your vessel?  A Master Craftsmen with over 35 years of experience or simply the lowest bidder? To whom would you give your faith and trust?"

Your Site Preparation

If it's a room, a kitchen, bathroom, staircase  or whole house project, you will need to prepare for the arrival of your hardwood flooring and materials.  Here is a following checklist to help plan for our arrival:

1.  Be ready for your wood and materials delivery !
Hardwood Flooring needs to be delivered to the interior of the home where the work is to be done and where the wood and materials can acclimate to it's new environment (typically 2-4 days prior to installation). Either you or and assigned person you know needs to be there to accept delivery.

2. Payment for Materials! Upon delivery be prepared to pay for your materials as discussed during the estimate and indicated on your contract.

3.  Have the project area cleared out and ready for work! Have all agreed upon furniture, equipment, appliances, moldings removed (unless contracting All-Wood Flooring to do so) and  fragile /valuables removed and placed in a secure location.

4.  Secure children and pets! If the location is to be occupied while work is being done have all children  and pets contained in a safe location out of the work area.

5. Allow parking for All-Wood trucks, vans and trailers! Have your driveway made accessible for up to two Trucks and a Trailer,  so that they can be backed in and unloaded for the duration of the the project.

6. Site accessibility! Have entry to the location made available with either a key, pass code, garage door opener or guest to allow entry daily and potentially mid day.

7. Debris removal! Be prepared where you want your debris placed! Have available a location, container or dumpster for debris removal. All-Wood Flooring will only take debris if we are contracted to do so. We can also arrange for a customer paid dumpster to be delivered as well if requested!

8. Other Site Work Prior to All-Wood Flooring: Caution! Demolition or other contracted work you plan to do. If you decide to do any carpet, tile or trim removal, along with any other preparation to the work area, please do as agreed to 
prior to our arrival.  And while sanding or finishing work is being done NO other work should be done at that time. This especially includes Lawn Care! Windows need to be open and particulates will end up in your finish!

9. Installation. Wether it's hardwood flooring or tile we will need to plastic off our work environment, have access to water, a bathroom, electrical panels and a 220 Stove or Dryer Receptacle, thermostats ( the proper temperature  for finish to dry is between 65-75 degrees) and lighting. If you will be onsite during the project it is suggested you have hearing protection and dust protection for each family member, although most dust is very controlled with in the plastic walls and our Vortex Dustless System. Remember, this type of home improvement work can become quite noisy and children and pets can become very stressed out by unknown new sounds. It is advised to crate or remove cats and dogs (especially ones that are only inside animals that could run out a door). Our focus will be on the work at hand and delivering a superior product and service!

10. Sanding and finishing work. Sawdust, even confined and chemical finishes, have vapors and particles which are all extremely flamable. No Smoking is allowed with in 100 feet of where work is being done and no open flames are allowed from either wood/coal stoves, gas pilot lights, propane tanks or LP simulated wood stoves, while work is being conducted or within 8 hours of when a finish coat is applied.

11. Environmental properties that can effect  how fast and how well finish         dries:
       a. Tempature ( Best at 65º-75º)
       b. Humidity  and Barometric Pressure
       c. Air Movement or lack of it
       d. Air quality and particulates
All-Wood  Flooring always tries to control those things we can control with the environment and strive to deliver the the best finishing work possible.

10. What to expect from your floors! They will be absolutely beautiful and they are meant to be walked on as well. As much as they will look like furniture, step on them, dance on them, live life on them!

The sanding and finishing of your floor will be done as carefully as humanly possible. However, this work will not be conducted in a sterile lab setting, therefore contaminants, such as pet hair or small insects and particulates, can occasionally find their way into a finish coat! We always try to minimize this potential problem by multi-cleaning  and tacking efforts done on our part and keeping doors closed thus minimizing the "vacuum effect" that happens when guests enter and leave, opening and closing doors.

Barometric pressure  and humidity can  also effect how a finish will dry or gas out. At times a fresh coat of finish can feel  semi- smooth but this typically corrects itself in 7-14 days as the finish further cures and hardens.  
Your Environment and Wood
Acclimation of the wood flooring - Your floor with be moisture checked and allowed to acclimate appropriately, usually within 4% of what the existing moisture conditions are in your location. However, wood is hygroscopic and will match the environmental moisture conditions you have and change according to match it's environment. Remember for every 4% change in moisture there is a 1/32" change tangentially with each board in your floor. This is why proper acclimation and moisture checking and it's documentation are so important with installations of hardwood flooring. To much moisture will create a cupping or wash board look. Too dry and your floor boards will have gaps and spaces between them. And depending on the finish and subflooring, panelazation can occur creating singular large gaps between groups of boards at the flooring and subfloors weakest points or where stronger finishes have a weaker hold between boards!  Therefore your homes environment is something you can control to give not only your wood floors but all the wood and other natural products in your home a stable environment free from drastic change that can lead to cracks and other property stresses and damages. These things are all  within your grasp and responsibility to control once your acclimated floor has been installed.

All-Wood will provide you at the close of your project with proper care instructions!

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